We can accommodate up to 50 people in the kitchen area of the restaurant, with our largest single table size approximately 16. All seating plans are by arrangement. We do recommend ire pre-ordering, choices to ensure your party runs smoothly on the day without fuss or stress on the day.

You will find our wine list on the website : www.lacucinaoxford.co.uk. We do advise that parties pre-order first beverages prior to arrival to ensure service on the evening is speedy and prompt, this would also avoid disappointment if certain beverages were required and not available for the party.

All groups over 12 will be offered the party menu instead of the a la carte at the booking stage. Please be aware also, that for a party of over 12 guests, mixing and matching of menus on the night will not be possible. However, we will in advance try to accommodate all requests regarding any special diets, so if party menus need adapting for your group, please do not hesitate to ask. 

All groups will also be provided with a pre-order sheet allowing guest names to be taken along side food options chosen. This helps greatly on the day of the party and should you consider also to use place cards – please advise.

A non refundable £10 per head deposit will secure and confirm your booking for groups over 20 guests. Deposits must be received 14 days before the said party date and will be set against the party final bill.

Please note that credit cards details cannot be accepted over the telephone for charging.

Please note that on the evening of your event, we appreciate that the billing must be done as simply as possible. Therefore, please advise in advance whether bills should be prepared with food and beverage presented separately. In addition, please ensure that should guests be paying for their own bills at the close of your party, that all must be settled at the table with the waiter, not at our till area.

All beverages or food items ordered on the night, must be settled for after the meal, not before, for example money cannot be accepted for each drink of a large group upon arrival should they wish to pay individually, all will go on to a main bill for the table.

By offering party menu selections to larger groups, we help the chefs on the night of your party, however, you can personalize your event with certain touches - perhaps by having a cocktail upon arrival for your guests, canapés and nibbles on the table immediately, or we could offer your guests an additional course – mixed antipasti, or a sorbet . You could even end the evening with a warming night cap for all your guests when coffee is served (see our three menu options). Any queries, please contact the LA CUCINA team for help


Pre order a glass of LA CUCINA house prosecco for everyone on arrival : promotional price of £4.20 per person supplement (only available subject to choosing the party menu. Alternatively a la carte prices apply).

Pre-order a glass of champagne N.V. for everyone on arrival from  : £7.50 per person supplement (only available subject to choosing the party menu. Alternatively a la carte prices apply).

LA CUCINA “stick of shots” -  digestivi for your guests to be served with coffee : limoncello, grappa, amari etc -  mini glasses from  £3.65 per shot, but presented on large wooden stick for all the see that the table. (One single shot stick can serve 8 guests).

Pre-ordering wine is a good idea, not keeping guests waiting for drinks if a group arrives all together – why not research the wine list prior to the party and set an allocation for us to have available straight away upon arrival ?

Additional dishes have proved popular of late for a small supplement. Should you wish to incorporate such dishes in your selection, please let us know.

Breast of duck with balsamic glaze, baby spinach leaves, roast rosemary potatoes 
* check cooking (supplement £2.50)
Lamb shoulder – Italian style with thyme roast potatoes and carrots (supplement £3.00)
Homemade ricotta and artichoke ravioli with chopped nuts, herb butter and vegetable sauce
Black linguine with spicy crab sauce and tiger prawns (supplement £2.50)
Stuffed breast of guinea fowl in pancetta with roast root vegetables
Cheese board : duo of cheeses with mustard fruits, nuts and Italian taralli
(supplement £1.00)

There may well be specific dishes you would like us to incorporate within your party menu selection, so please let us know. If we have enough notice and can assist, we certainly will try our best to accommodate.

We endeavour to assist those with special diets and intolerances, so please feel free to discuss any requirements in advance to ensure the smooth running of your party. We serve gluten free pasta and have a number of gluten free dishes available (a small supplement would apply), as well as plenty of vegetarian and vegan options too.

If you should have any queries regarding your group dining plans or seek advice, please ask a member of staff  at LA CUCINA, or call through and speak to Yola or Melchiorre on 01865 793811.  Please note that Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays do get booked early, so get in touch as soon as possible!