Warm lentil and pumpkin salad, rocket leaves and fresh chilli   starter 6.95

or as main 9.90

Warm borlotti bean, onion, tomato, olive and spinach salad  starter  6.95 or as main

Soup of the day   4.50

Vegan ASSAGGI grazing board : Chef’s selection for one   7.95 or 2 to share  3.95    

Grilled marinated Mediterranean vegetables with salsa verde

starter 6.95 or as main 9.90


 Orecchiette pasta with greens, olives, cherry tomatoes olive oil, and chilli  9.95  

Penne arrabiata    8.95

Pasta with tomato sauce and mixed vegetables, herbs   9.95 

Pearl barley with roast pumpkin and greens  11.95

Pasta with mushrooms, rocket, cherry tomatoes and truffle oil   9.95  

Roast stuffed bell pepper with rice and mixed vegetables, tomato salsa   10.95

Polenta with roast mushrooms and peppers   10.95  

 Please check with team should there be any additional dishes available


Vegetable of the day, potatoes, side salads available gluten free from 3.95


Lemon sorbet and limoncello   6.25

Poached fresh seasonal fruit in spiced wine syrup   5.95

 Soya milk is available for hot drinks

Please be aware that we operate in an open kitchen, we work with meat, fish and dairy products as a key ingredients in the preparation areas and cross contamination cannot be 100 percent guaranteed. By offering the dishes above, chefs will prepare food freshly for customers and every effort will be made to limit cross contamination as best as possible.